The ecommerce industry is a booming economy that continues to evolve and advance in technology, products, and ordering process. Online shopping is definitely considered a lifestyle, and not just a means to get what is needed through ordering online because of a busy schedule. The online shopping market is filled with retailers who have seen the demand in ecommerce and grabbed the opportunity to offer their products. With all the online shopping websites available, there are three retailer websites that have ranked in the top for years, and will no doubt continue to be the best three online websites for the coming 2019. has been in the ecommerce business since 1996, and they have established their stable name in the online shopping market. This website offers almost everything in the world that can be sold and purchased, such as toys, books, shoes, clothes, food, technological gadgets, DVDs, appliances, and many others. Per month, is known to receive approximately 1.87 billion visits from online shoppers all over the world, and that statistic will continue to improve in 2019. was founded in 1998 and is an ecommerce platform where the buy and sell of used and new items happen. This website features a Price Match Guarantee, making sure that all their customers have access to the lowest prices for the same product. is getting a monthly average of 817.6 million visitors, and that number is growing.

Walmart is a retail giant that started its operation in 1962, and ventured into online shopping in 2000 with the determination to offer the lowest prices for their customers. has been receiving visitors in their website of around 339 million people every month, and that number has no indication of dwindling any time soon, and will continue to rise in 2019.