Shaving the pubic hair is a necessity for most men and women, as it is ideal to have a very clean “down there” than have something that resembles a forest of hair. However, shaving is not just about using any tools or any kind of razor. There are specialized pubic shavers that are convenient and efficient in creating a smooth finish.

For men

Clearcut ES412 Personal Shaver

This is a self-recognized first shaver created for pubic trimming, and it is made durable by the stainless steel material. This product features a to-notch motor that offers sufficient rotating force to cut through the pubic hair in a neat and smooth way. The exceptional cylindrical design allows for an effortless maneuver down there.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100

This product is a manscape tool that features a 3D pivoting head that tracks the contours of the men’s genitals to ensure safe shaving. This multi-purpose trimmer works for both dry and wet use, and the utilization of this pubic hair shaver is quite easy and comfortable for either a quick trim or a deeper shave.

For women

Panasonic ES2207P 3-Blade Cordless Women’s Electric Razor

This product features a pop-up trimmer that ensures safe shaving, and has a three-blade system for efficient balding of the genitals, which result in a smooth surface. The hypoallergenic blade of this pubic hair shaver guarantees the prevention of infection. And it can be used for dry and wet surfaces, with an even more silky skin when partnered with a shaving foam or gel.

Philips BRL-140 Satin Shave Advanced Women’s Electric Shaver

This pubic shaver has a unique design and is compatible with dry or wet use. It features an anti-slip grasp in the shower or tub that dramatically enhances the performance. The excellent floating foil head of this product follows the curves of the skin, ensuring no injuries for uneven surfaces. It charges for only five minutes, and provides an hour of shaving through pubic hair.